Quick Answer: How To Enter Alimony Payments Into Moneyguide Pro?

What is MoneyGuidePro?

MoneyGuidePro is a financial planning platform created by the software company PIEtech. According to a 2018 T3 Software Survey Report, they maintain the biggest (36.1%) market share among similar tools. They leapfrogged over building other wealth-management capabilities and focused exclusively on financial planning.

Does Money Guide Pro have a vault?

FinFolio makes wealth management software for professional investment advisors. Powerful dashboards answer questions about your practice. Print beautiful client reports or upload them to the integrated, mobile-ready client portal in the secure document vault.

How much does eMoney cost?

At an annual cost of $3,600 per advisor for the recently upgraded 360 Pro package, eMoney is more expensive than the average financial planning application. A discounted annual price of $2,400 per advisor is available for firms with 2 or more advisors, as long as all advisors in the firm are included as subscribers.

What is the eMoney platform?

eMoney is a comprehensive and scalable financial planning technology that empowers advisors to meet a broad range of financial planning needs for their clients. Built upon our planning-centric platform, our packages are constructed to align to the type of planning that advisors offer and deepen client engagement.

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What software do financial coaches use?

Financial Coaching Tools

  • SmartDollar.
  • ENRICH™ Financial Wellness.
  • Ernst & Young, LLP.
  • FinFit.
  • My Secure Advantage.
  • Your Money Line powered by Pete the Planner®
  • Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management.
  • LifeCents.

Is there a rating system for financial advisors?

NerdWallet scores advisers on how users rate their answers to questions they’ve posed. Tippybob has a “proprietary rating system” that provides a 1-to-100 Tippyscore based on how well an adviser’s clients rate his or her customer service.

How do I link my MoneyGuidePro account?

How to Link Accounts in Money Guide Pro

  1. Click your institution in the list or type in the name of the institution into the search bar.
  2. For example, if you banked at Chase, click Chase and it will take you to their log in screen.
  3. Enter your log in information associated with the institution you chose and press “Add”.

Does salesforce integrate with MoneyGuidePro?

MoneyGuidePro is a financial planning tool used widely in the Wealth Management industry. It has integration capabilities with other CRMs but not Salesforce.com.

How much does an e-money license cost?

E-money Licence cost The application fee for the small (e-money) electronic money institution is £1,000. The application fee for the authorised electronic money institution is £5,000. The fee is paid when you submit your license application online.

How much is eMoney monthly?

As we just discussed, MoneyGuidePro cost about $100 a month while eMoney Advisor is over $300 a month. Now, they’re both financial planning software packages, and they’re both very capable.

What does eMoney do for a living?


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